Baltimore Inner Harbor General Grantmaking Procedures

In order to provide opportunities for children to reach their full potential, the Wright Family Foundation will focus on several goals and strategies to support at-risk youth in Baltimore, Maryland and Austin, Texas.


Early Childhood Education

Goal: Children will have access to programs to prepare them for kindergarten.


  • Expand children’s access to quality instruction in early childhood education programs and initiatives.
  • Support pre-school reading readiness programs.
  • Fund programs that support parents as first teachers and parenting skills.


K-5 Education

Goal: Improve educational opportunities for underserved children to achieve academic success in elementary grades.


  • Support public, private and charter schools to enhance school choice opportunities.
  • Support programs focused on literacy and reading at grade level.
  • Support educational field trips to enhance curriculum.
  • Support alternative education programs particularly in the arts.


Out of School Time

Goal: At-risk youth will have consistent support from caring adults who will provide motivation, direction and guidance.


  • Support initiatives that provide a safe haven for children after-school during the “danger hours” that promote academic achievement and personal growth and development.
  • Support community and school-based summer programs to prevent summer learning loss.




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