Baltimore Inner Harbor General Grantmaking Procedures

The Wright Family Foundation has a two-step
application process.

Step 1: Letter of Inquiry     Step 2: Grant Proposal

All potential applicants must initially consider whether the proposal agrees not only with the basic eligibility criteria but also with the Foundation's program interests and grantmaking policies. If these initial requirements are met, then a letter of inquiry should be submitted to the Foundation. The Foundation has an ongoing review cycle for Baltimore and there are no deadlines for the submission of a Letter of Inquiry. Potential grantees in Austin are required to submit a Letter of Inquiry by January 15. If invited proposals are due March 1.

General Grantmaking Procedures

Submitting a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) is the first step in the grant review process. After the LOI has been reviewed, the applicant will receive notification whether a full grant proposal may be submitted. The LOI should be on official letterhead. It should not exceed three (3) pages.

LOI Guidelines  |  Download PDF

Foundation staff will promptly confirm the receipt of the Letter of Inquiry. Within 15 days the applicant will be notified if a grant proposal is invited by the Foundation.

General Grantmaking Procedures

Invitees will be asked to submit a proposal using the following Grant Proposal Format.

Grant Proposal Format PDF

The Foundation will consider Austin new proposals at the May meeting ONLY. Baltimore new proposals are considered at board meetings scheduled in March, May and September. Submission deadlines are:

Grant Submission Due Date Meeting Date Grant Disbursement
January 9 March April
**March 1 May June
July 15 September October

**LOI submission required by January 15. (Austin grantees only)

The Foundation welcomes telephone inquiries throughout the year about funding, Letters of Inquiry, and, when invited grant proposals. Foundation staff will be pleased to answer any questions throughout the application process. All other inquiries and applications should be addressed to the Foundation's Baltimore office.

For additional information and guidance in preparing a grant proposal please reference the Guide to the ABAG Grant Proposal Format.



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